Car Elevator

Car elevator

Car elevator

Car elevator – fast, safe and convenient car parking
Designed for moving cars in condominiums, car showrooms, garages, homes and more, our car elevators provide space saving, easy-to-use basement or rooftop parking solutions for high-density locations where horizontal land space is at a premium.
Faster parking for added flexibility
Parking spaces are in short supply! When space for access ramps becomes an issue, we provide the optimal solution.

The hydraulic car elevator transports both car and passengers quickly and reliably to the desired parking level. A wide selection of options is offered for this 

Convenience important?
The most convenient way to initiate operation is by remote control or smart card. The reader can be installed next to the lift entrance on a pedestal, for example, with pull wire switches at each level.

Light beams between the cabin and shaft doors avoid any damage to the car during entry and exit. Light barriers facilitate vehicle positioning, thereby speeding up access. In the case of systems with two stopping points, the journey to the other level commences automatically as soon as the vehicle is positioned correctly.


  • Saves installation space, as no ramp is required
  • Fast and comfortable transport
  • High safety for persons and cars
  • Automatic travel for lifts with 2 stops for maximum comfort
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